RegInOut at a glance

RegInOutRegInOut is a program for Microsoft Windows coded by SORCIM Technologies with ambitions to completely cleanse your registry of glitches, faults and malware to get your system up and running smoothly again. It sweeps through your system for unwanted temporary files, leftover bits of data that take up unnecessary space and malevolent software installed by shady websites. Then it quickly removes them. In this RegInOut Review, its pros and cons will be explored.

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What people say about RegInOut

RegInOut reviews are mostly positive. Users on CNET’s popular software website,, have rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars. A majority of them praise the efficiency and celerity with which RegInOut irons out the kinks in their system. One satisfied user rating it 5 stars described how it helped him fix a Shockwave Flash crash. A less pleased user, however, detailed how the crash kept recurring and tool did not meet his expectations, although it seems the problem lay with his browser settings. Another complained how the product was not freeware, although he admitted it had never been advertised as such.RegInOut Screenshot

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The Good

RegInOut’s features do not end at cleaning your registry. Despite its speed, it is very versatile. Not only does it optimize your registry, it tunes internet and browser settings for greater download speeds and it defragments your hard drive, cutting down on the time required to access files. With RegInOut’s Startup Manager feature, users decide what programs open automatically when they log in, speeding up boot times by an enormous degree. Another factor in RegInOut’s popularity is that it is user-friendly, and easily operated by beginners. The different options are listed on the left, with more checkboxes on the right hand side, allowing users to tailor the exact cleanup they desire. There is a handy Scheduling Option built in, enabling users to fix times at which RegInOut will automatically scan without input. Yet, the most visible advantage? RegInOut is ridiculously lightweight. The download is a mere 1.73 MB, which means nothing in the terabyte age. It supports Windows XP, Vista and the newly-released Windows 7 as well.

The Not So Good

Some users are wary of approaching RegInOut because of certain negative reviews that are thankfully few in number. These reviewers will often blame RegInOut of features not working as promised, where often the problem lies with improper handling of the software or not understanding the options correctly. Other users disagree with the tool not being free. However, it is understood in the software industry that with most great system utilities you get what you pay for. The low price helps SORCIM Technologies in maintaining RegInOut’s features and updating it regularly.

A Final Word

RegInOut has a simple pitch: it wants to do what your antivirus overlooks. It does this excellently, and reliably. It sets a restore point before every session so users can revert to a previous state if needed. SORCIM technologies even offers free technical support at anytime if a customer encounters trouble. For every type of users, expert and novices alike, RegInOut is a fantastic product to keep your system in check, and is available with a free trial and a price of $29.97, which is worth it.

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